1 pork tenderloin
1 tblsp duck fat
1 tblsp minced garlic1 tblsp minced shallots 1 c Madeira2 tblsp brandy¼ c milk2 sliced white bread15 oz ground pork10 oz pork fat1.5 tsp cracked pepper2 tsp five spice (truffle peelings)
sear tenderloin in duck fat well seasonedlet cool in fridgein same pan add shallots and garlic and cook no color deglaze with Madeira and brandy until a syruplet cool in fridgecombine milk and bread no crust (panada)let cool in fridgegrind meat and fat through small die transfer into a food processor with reduction, bread , and spices/seasoningadd additional garnishes if anytest for seasoning 9sm. Quenelle in boiling waterline terrine with plastic filmfill ½ way with force meatpress in tenderloinfill rest with force meat fold over excess plastic wrap and topcook in water bath  @350 until center of pate reads 150-160 degreesremove from water place in fridge and weigh down over night


About ave5

Ave 5 is San Diego’s favorite restaurant for local food & craft cocktails in a casually-refined setting with live music. Much of Ave 5’s menu offerings are grown in the garden tended by owners & staff at Highland Valley Ranch.
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